reddit ways to make money

reddit ways to make money

4. If your computer can be used for 24 hours, such as company, VPS, etc., you can find some real-time games as long as the conditions are favorable. Once you start a few games, you can automatically kill monsters and upgrade, hundreds of hours a month You can calculate the upgrade time of each game. This method is definitely very good.

Not only here, if you have always been in this attitude, no matter where you work, you will not achieve good results. You must know that the player who completes the task first here will receive a leveling reward. If you can play 5 games a month, you can easily earn more than 5,000 yuan! Of course, some people don't like to play games, so choose "Make Money by Typing" in [Code Platform]! This platform requires you to have a better attitude.

If the photography skills are good, many people are willing to pay for rewards. First, travellers want to take beautiful photos as a memorial to the Moments of Friends. SLR and mobile phone photography are not at the same level. Second, they rely on voluntary rewards. Tourists do not worry about being slaughtered. Everywhere is overcrowded, and those who don’t pay don’t have much loss. Twenty to thirty people pay a day and can make hundreds of dollars.

Now it is not easy to open an online store on Taobao. This requires a huge investment of energy and funds, but it is still relatively easy to help an online store owner as a customer service. Many shopkeepers on Taobao need part-time customer service. You can find a shop based on your own situation.

Do you think that a game is too slow to make money, and some games are particularly boring. Then I recommend you to use the page game assistant tool. The assistant tool cannot be fully automated, but it can save you a lot of time. Just leave it with a little bit of mouse work. . The computer can hold it and you can play 10 models at the same time. There are 5 words floating in the sky, that's not a problem.

Nowadays, there are many online part-time jobs, such as WeChat voting, mobile phone buying, Taobao ordering, platform customer service, order placement hosting, pre-job training, etc. Each task area has its own different requirements and salary. However, when bidding online to earn money, you should pay attention to the scam when you accept these types of online part-time jobs. Because scammers are everywhere on the Internet, they tend to write salaries and other things that are particularly attractive, making you feel the urge to take them part-time.

Street stalls have always been popular with many entrepreneurs. Every night, you can see many stall customers appearing on the street. However, the business of stalls also puts a certain test on personal sales eloquence. Being able to speak well is also a stall. The most basic sales skills for customers. The investment in setting up a street stall is also very small. You only need to buy a few thousand yuan of goods, and then choose to sell it in some areas with a lot of people. And try not to have too many types of goods on the street stalls, to give people the feeling of knowing what you are buying at first glance, so as to attract those target groups to buy.

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