best way to make money writing a book

best way to make money writing a book

For example, the user enters Baidu Hot Discussion in the Zhihu search box, and the comprehensive ranking is shown in the figure. So, what are the search ranking factors in the site? Look at the red place in my circle to see that the keyword matches.

So with a platform, how do you do it? Actually, you don’t need to promote this kind of project directly. Just use a bunch of WeChat accounts that we rented or made ourselves, and just drop the copy into these WeChat groups. Some people like to read. The natural payment.

It is a daily dividend and high rebate. "Dividend-type" online investment fraud is currently the most common investment and financial scam, and tempting slogans such as "guaranteed income", "200% return", and "daily dividends" have become the main bait for investors.

A friend told me before that he has 500 WeChat IDs. I think this project is very suitable for him. If you have a lot of WeChat IDs, you must add more friends to the WeChat ID. Then, divide them into batches. , In the morning, at night, and in the evening, respectively post to Moments and posts in groups. This way your income will be huge. You can also use some WeChat batch management tools to send to Moments and groups in batches. This project can give full play to the value of each friend, and interested friends can come and operate it. "

How much money can you make every day? Let's put it this way, as long as you play 2-3 hours of games with your heart every day, it is not a problem to insist on earning a few hundred yuan a month. For a project that has no investment, no interviews, and "work" time is not very long, a few hundred a month can be said to be very good, everyone can do it as a deputy or part-time job, not to mention what you draw The more time you earn, the more you earn. In addition, Tiantian Diamond has more money-making areas. It is recommended that everyone take a look to find the best way for you. You don’t need to worry about the credibility. Everyday Diamond has been in operation for a long time. The testimony of countless earning friends is still very reliable.

In Silicon Valley on January 14, 2018, at the 8th "Smart Industry Silicon Valley Forum", Qinggu Ventures temporarily held a blockchain project roadshow and investor discussion meeting, but it attracted many home audiences and guests.

In online shopping, I learned from online earning. Sometimes I saw a product I liked, but felt it was expensive. I told the online customer service a lot of good things, hoping to give some discounts, but the customer service refused to die or die. You will feel very upset at this time. Or if you want to buy more at a time, the merchant's shipping cost will be saved a lot, and the price can be lowered, so you can talk to the online customer service. I am happy to buy the product this time.

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